Tineke Vermeer graduated in 1991 as an expressive artist at the Art Academy in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Beside traditional-specific sculptures like figures and portraits, Tineke changed her style into a entirely new direction that fits her like a glove. Inspired by her stay on the beautiful island of Bali she started her work on Bronze sculptures of original Balinese buildings & construction work, and later she went on to complete outdoor projects.
Especially the architecture of the high rise buildings and the religious buildings speak to her here.
The functionality and at the same time the vulnerability of these buildings are fascinating.
The local Balinese culture and the mentality of the people is a brilliant inspiring source.
Especially their minimalist lifestyle with very few possessions and their joy in life, makes you feel small and brings you back to the basic principles of existence.

Tineke now works and lives on a half annual base in Bali and in the Netherlands. Both countries include full functional workshops equipped with bronze foundries, ateliers and galleries.
This visually unique work expresses a stillness combined with modesty and at the same the strength.
Her way of visualizing comes forward from recognition and idealising.
Tineke also works on assignment for companies as well as private persons.
Her work can be seen locally in Holland, foreign countries and of course in Bali.