House of Spirit

Tineke Vermeer
graduated as a sculptor at the academy of arts in Tilburg, Holland, in 1991

The motive for my work, is my emotional involvement with harrowing social themes. In my work ’m always looking for balance, inner silence and harmony. Gallery Hanna Artspace (Ubud – Bali) has two sculptures with these features. In the silence, people are closest and fairest to themselves, and therefore grow in their personal discovery.

Besides these thematic objects, I make orders, for both companies and individuals. My latest job was in 2009, for the firm Indesso in Jakarta.

Various objects are in possession of companies and in private. I have worked out several orders for the Red Cross and the partners of the accountancy Vervloet & Co in Belgium. In January of 2003 the company ‘Media-group Sittard’ bought the object: The Pillars, what we were, what we are, what we will become. The object is placed in the entrance hall of Media-group.

The materials I work with are various and is inferior to the theme of the object. I work with materials as newspapers, bamboo, plaster, bronze, rope and latex.


1991       Nuenen, Apeldoorn, Eindhoven
1992       Nijmegen
1993       Boxmeer
1996       Museum van Bommel van Dam te Venlo
1997       Maaspoort te Venlo
1998       Sittard
1999       Velp, De Maaspoort te Venlo
2000       Uit Tegelen 2000’
2000       Frans Phannerhaus Arcen – solo expositie
2001       Poëzie en Kunstroute te Steyl, De Galerie te Panningen
2002       Poëzie en Kunstroute te Steyl, “Tussen kunst en Kist” in Museum van Bommel van Dam te
               Venlo, De Waan te Venray, Schoolproject met kinderen te Panningen, Wenner Jägerhalle
               te Nettetal
2004       Zorggroep Venlo
2004       Galerie in Ubud te Bali
2005       Galerie Glas & Kunst in Goirle
2005       Kamer voor Kunst – solo expositie
2006       Galerie Young – Young in Rijswijk
2006       Galerie Glas & Kunst in Goirle
2006       Galerie Bruls “De Kunstkamer” in Venlo
2006       Figaro in Sanur op Bali
2008       Beeldentuin Well – solo expositie
2008       CG Gallery Jakarta
2008       Met kunstenaars uit Sanur in Sanur (Bali)
2009       Gallery Josephine Linggar Jakarta
2009       Mangerie in Venlo – solo expositie
2009       International Art Center de Raay in Baarlo
2009       Galerie Glas en Kunst – Giga Glas – in Goirle
2009       Museum DenPasar (Bali)
2009       CG Gallery Jakarta
2010       Galerie Glas & Kunst Goirle
2010       Mangerie - solo expositie - Venlo
2010       Gallery osephine Linggar Jakarta
2010       CG Gallery Jakarta
2010       Bazaar Art Jakarta
2010       International Art Center "de Raay " Baarlo
2010       Gallery Spirit Sanur Bali
2010       Hanna Art Space Ubud Bali